Senior officials holding awareness campaigns at block level regarding Covid vaccination

Ranchi: Awareness regarding vaccination is being spread by holding meetings with local public representatives in various blocks of the Ranchi district.

Senior officers are constantly visiting different blocks and making people aware of vaccination. On Saturday Project Director ITDA Sudhir Bada held a meeting with the Pungi village head Sukka Oraon of Mandar block and made people aware of vaccination.  After clearing the misconceptions about vaccination, the village head took the Covid-19 vaccine and appealed to the villagers to take the vaccine.

Project Director ITDA also held a meeting with the headmasters and teachers of all the government schools of the block at Mander Block Auditorium.  During this, District Public Relations Officer Dr Prabhat Shankar, BDO Suleman Mundri, CO, BE EO and teachers were present.

During the meeting, Bada said that it is mandatory for the teachers to take the vaccine.  Whenever the work of teaching reading is started, the teachers will come in contact with the students, in such a situation it will be their responsibility to prevent corona infection and for this, it is necessary that all the teachers get vaccinated.

Teachers said that 153 teachers have taken the first dose of vaccine in the block, some have also taken the second dose.  While 164 have not taken the vaccine.  The officials told the teachers that they must take the vaccine while fulfilling the social responsibility.  The teachers who have taken the first dose should take the second dose at the same time.

He asked all the teachers that after getting their vaccination done, they should motivate other sections of society to get vaccinated.  The members of the Block Level Disaster Management Committee and the Village Level Disaster Management Committee were directed to play an active role in this regard.

It was told by the district level officials in Muljuli village that there are misconceptions at many places that different quality vaccines are being given to government employees, this is absolutely wrong. All people are being given the same vaccine and there is no discrimination in giving the vaccines.

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