School Children of Government School to get Maduwa laddu in schools of Jharkhand

Ranchi:  Madua laddu and madua halwa will now be given to children in schools in Jharkhand.

The central government and the state government will provide funds for this.

This benefit will be given to about 92 lakh 27 thousand 740 students studying in middle schools of Jharkhand.

For which a total of Rs 9 crore 72 lakh 968 will be spent.

Out of which, Rs 5 crore 83 lakh 20 thousand 582 will be given by the Central Government and Rs 3 crore 88 lakh 80 thousand 386 will be given by the State Government.

The complete method of making it has been released by the Jharkhand Education Project.

Before this, vocational courses have also been started in schools.

Work is being done in schools for better education and physical and mental development of children.

Rs 4.15 will be given per student.

Under the National Education Policy, many types of schemes are being run in the schools of Jharkhand.

Under these schemes, practical knowledge is also being given to the students studying in the school.

Along with education, personality development education is also being given to children.

A total of 34 points have been made for this also.

At the same time, dropout of students is also being prevented under the RUAR scheme.

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