Sayli Salunkhe: It’s difficult to cut off from a character

Mumbai (IANS) Television actress Sayli Salunkhe, who plays the role of Vandana in the show ‘Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si’, shared that it is difficult for her to cut off from a character that she plays 15 hrs a day.

Talking about cutting off from her character once she is out of the set, Sayli said: “It’s difficult to cut off. If you are playing that character for 15 hours then it’s difficult to cut off. Even if I take my character home then I don’t have any problem as Vandana is a very sweet and innocent girl and I think that Sayali has been able to control her anger because of Vandana.”

She shared that Vandana’s character has had a positive impact in her life and she has always tried to learn from her character. “I feel good to learn from her and live with her.”

The actress further said that she was quite apprehensive about the show initially.

“At first, I was scared whether people would be able to connect or not. But I am receiving some great responses. The best thing that people tell me is that they could relate to Vandana. If I am playing Vandana and people can relate to it and her journey and her responsibilities at the age of 35 being married, the pressure of the society is what people could relate to. I am really happy that people are loving my work.

“Initially it was very difficult to catch this character as Vandana is a 35-year-old girl. Vandana has suffered a lot after her mother passed away, and she has taken over all the responsibilities. When I started playing Vandana, I could relate to her emotions. Whatever Vandana and Sayli think, their emotions are very similar,” she said.

The show stars Mohit Malik, and it airs on Star Plus.

Sayli is known for her works in ‘Bohot Pyaar Karte Hain’, ‘Spy Bahu’, and ‘Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali’.

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