Russian women offered ‘Pind daan’ in Gaya

Gaya (IANS) Six Russian women offered ‘Pind daan’ (a Hindu ritual to offer prayers to the departed soul for its peace and salvation), for the salvation of their ancestors at Devghat area located near the famed Vishnupad Temple in this Bihar town where Hindus congregate for the ritual.

The pilgrims performed all the rituals for salvation and offered the ‘pind daan’ in the Falgu river as per the Sanatan Dharma.

Priest Loknath Gaur who has helped the pilgrims to perform the ritual said, “The women who came for Pind daan live in different regions of Russia. They are Elena Kashitsina, Yulia Vereminko, Eresko Magrita, Auxna Kalimenko, Ilonora Khatiroba and Irina Khuchmistoba.”

Gaur said that the women believed that performing rituals will bring peace to the souls of their ancestors. The women performed rituals donned in Indian costumes.

Elena Kashitsina said, “India is a land of religion and spirituality. I feel a sense of inner peace coming to Gaya. I have come here to offer peace to my ancestors’ soul.”

Last year, 27 foreign tourists from Russia, Spain, Germany, China, Kazakhstan offered ‘Pind daan’ for the salvation of their ancestors.

Loknath Gaur says that every year on the occasion of Pitra Paksha , a group of foreign tourists arrive here to get salvation to their ancestors. He said that this batch will return home after visiting the tourist places of Bihar.

Millions of people come to Gaya for ‘Pind daan’. By September 28 this year, around eight lakh devotees are expected to arrive here.

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