Rupees 1 Lakh will be given to the victims of Road Accident – Ranchi DC

Ranchi: The victims of natural calamity or disaster affected will get compensation, Ranchi Deputy Commissioner Rahul Kumar Sinha said on Saturday.

Angada, Silli, and Kanke Block officials of Ranchi District were instructed by DC Rahul Sinha to distribute compensation to victims of Road Accidents.

Total of Rs 8 Lakh will have to be distributed to the widows of 8 persons who died in a road accident.

The beneficiaries are Saraswati Devi, Lakshmi Devi, Dhaniram Bedia, Rakhi Kumari, Manju Orang, Kiran Devi, Munki Devi, and Joyti Kumari. 

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