Ruckus by BJP MLAs in Jharkhand Assembly

Ranchi: Ruckus started in Jharkhand Assembly today as soon as the House proceedings started.

Pradeep Yadav said, Babulal Marandi yesterday accused Asan that he was not allowed to speak.

This is contempt of the House.

Action should be taken.

Amar Bauri said Babulal Marandi is still a JVM MLA in the books of the House.

They represent 4 lakh people from Rajdhanwar.

Still, why is he not allowed to speak in the House?

Why is the ruling party so afraid of him?

He said that Pradeep Yadav should apologize in the House for accusing Babulal.

After this, all the BJP MLAs came to the veil and started creating a ruckus, then the Speaker adjourned the proceedings of the House.

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