Round Brushes: The best kept hairdresser secret

New Delhi (IANSlife) Since forever, round brushes have been the hairdressers’ best-kept secret. You probably have no concept how difficult the job of a hairdresser is unless you were one of those people who picked up a round hair brush by accident when they were young and made the decision to never look back. Tangled hair, achy arms, and a fair lot of impatience and swearing are all symptoms of this difficulty.

So, having spent years trying to properly use a round brush, we’ve made the decision to start over. Eventually, we understood where we had been going wrong for so long. Discover how to use a round brush like a pro by reading on.

Air-Dry is the key

It is inefficient to blow dry your hair before it is 80 per cent to 90 per cent dried. Before you begin blow-drying, make sure that your hair is mostly dry. Otherwise, it will take too long to complete the style, which will tyre out your arms and make you quite frustrated. The secret is to let it air dry completely before styling.

Choose a Round Brush

The brush’s size, bristle type, and density are all variables that affect the outcome. While boar bristle brushes are frequently stiffer and denser and produce greater stress while pulling the hair, which ultimately results in enhanced volume and lift, ventilated metal round brushes are useful for heat reinforcement while styling.

Similar to a curling iron, a round brush’s diameter and curl size are inversely correlated; the larger the brush, the larger the curl. Avoid using little brushes if you’re not an expert since you run the danger of tangling your hair in the bristles.

Part Your Hair

The fastest way to dry your hair is to take your time and use a round brush. You won’t save any time by wrapping too-large components around the circular brush because you will probably have to remove them and replace them later. Before continuing, divide your hair into four parts.

Alter your angles

When styling your hair, movement must never stop. Apply the round brush starting at the base of your roots, rolling it down to the ends, and drying the brush as you go. You should always keep the blow-nozzle drier parallel to the ground and angled downward, regardless of how you move the brush, in order to spread heat uniformly across the hair section rather than fluffing it up.

Change the heat settings

Although utilising only high heat and high air may seem like the greatest option, doing so may result in frizzy and twisted hair. Reduce the settings to medium (or low, if you have curly hair) around your hairline and rely on the pressure you apply to the brush to smooth the hair.

Give it a cool air blast

Reduce the heat setting for a cold air blast after finishing a section while the hair is still wrapped around the brush. This should help your hair retain its shape. Although skipping this stage could seem like an extra step that is not necessary, the outcomes might not be as substantial.

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