Robbery, assault with passengers in Sampalpur- Jammu Tawi Express

Ranchi: There was massive looting in the express train going from Sambalpur to Jammu Tawi late Friday night.

According to police sources, during the robbery, the criminals also fired eight to 10 rounds. A bullet has also been recovered from the train. The robbery incident took place between the Latehar and Daltenganj stations in Jharkhand.

The criminals committed the incident in sleeper bogie number nine of the train. It is being said that during the robbery the criminals also misbehaved with the women passengers. When the train reached Daltanganj station late at night, the passengers created a ruckus. Because of this, the train stood here for about one and a half hours. The investigation of the case is going on.

According to the information received, the incident took place between 12 and 1 a.m. on Saturday night. When the Sambalpur-Jammutvi Express left Latehar station at around 11 p.m., about eight criminals boarded the S9 bogie. As soon as the train gained speed, the robbers attacked. Armed robbers looted the S9 bogie of the train. It is being said that during this time the women traveling in the bogie were also misbehaved.

The dacoits also fired 8-10 rounds during the robbery. After looting for more than half an hour, the robbers escaped by pulling the chain and got down before Barwadih station. After the robbery incident, when the train reached Daltanganj station late at night, the passengers created a ruckus. During this time the train stood here for about one and a half hour. The passengers were asking for treatment of the passengers injured during the robbery and to file an FIR immediately.

Due to the efforts of the management, the injured passengers were treated at Daltanganj station itself. The train was dispatched later. The railway team has started investigating the matter. A police complaint has also been lodged in Daltenganj. It could not be confirmed whether the RPF team was present in the train at the time of the incident or not. 

Among the passengers who were victims of robbery, Vikas Mittal, minister of Latehar district of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and resident of Chandwa, was robbed of Rs 17500 and beaten, Mithilesh Kumar was robbed of Rs 10000, Manas Chandra Malik was robbed of Rs 2000 and a mobile phone, Gurpreet Singh was robbed of Rs 4500 and a Robbery of bag, assault on Rimjhim Devi and her brother Harsh Kumar Singh, 10000 cash, robbery of Mangalsutra, assault on Roshan Kumar and his wife, robbery of earrings, Mangalsutra anklet, robbery of earrings, Mangalsutra from Dharmendra Sahu and wife Babita.

Loot of Rs 4500, Loot of Rs 14000 from Satyendra Kumar, Loot of mobile, Rs 8700 and papers from Udit Narayan Agrahari, Loot of Rs 1500 from Singh Gopal Agrahari, Assault on Ajay Sahu, Loot of Rs 1800 and bag, Assault on Ajay Kumar, ATM , Documents and Rs 2500 were looted, Mobile and Rs 5000 were looted from Mohammad Azad, Mobile, laptop and bag were looted from Mansood Alam.

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