Responsibility of all of to take saga of the anonymous revolutionaries to masses Sudesh

Ranchi: Stating that Jharkhand id the soil of revolutionaries which gave birth to innumerable brave martyrs who sacrificed everything for the honor, respect and self-respect of this soil AJSU supremo Sudesh Kumar Mahto said the historians did not give the great heroes of Jharkhand the place they rightly deserved in the pages of history. It is the responsibility of all of us to take Jharkhand’s glorious history, glorious culture and saga of anonymous revolutionaries to the masses and young generation needs to learn from their glorious history he said.

Speaking after unveiling the statue of revolutionary Jitram Bedia at Barvadag, Jonha he said that the party is determined to spread the story of the brave sons of Jharkhand, who sacrificed their lives to keep the freedom, unity and integrity of the country intact, and continuous efforts are going on in this direction.

He said that martyr Jitram Bedia, the brave son of Jharkhand, who blew the bugle for the movement against British rule, can never be forgotten. The country is indebted to those revolutionaries who sacrificed everything to free the country from the chains of slavery.

The youth should take inspiration from the sacrifices of the brave martyrs and contribute to the state and country building and come forward to rewrite history. At the same time, he said that there is a need to understand the great heroes of Jharkhand and their ideas, and include them in policy decisions.

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