Ranchi Police gets 12 new Scorpios, Vehicles to monitor the movement of players in the hockey tournament

Ranchi:  The movement of players in the Asia Champion Trophy (Women’s Hockey) being held in the capital Ranchi from 27 October to 5 November will be controlled with the new Scorpio. 12 Scorpio vehicles have been provided to Ranchi Police by the Police Headquarters. This vehicle has been handed over to Ranchi Police for pilot and escort. SSP and City SP sent off all the vehicles by cutting the ribbon and showing the green flag. These days there are hockey players from six countries in Ranchi.

Along with participating in the competition, they are also roaming around the city. In such a situation, their safety is very important. New Scorpio vehicles have been given to the police so that there is no problem in their security.

According to police sources, there were complaints of various types of technical problems in the vehicles owned by Ranchi Police. In such a situation, there was doubt about the security arrangements. Keeping this in mind, new vehicles have been provided for the safety of hockey players. These new vehicles are like a gift for Ranchi Police.

According to the information given regarding the purchase of the new Scorpio, at present all the new vehicles will be deployed for the safety of international women hockey players. This is how the police will score party players.

When all the teams go back on November 6, Ranchi Police will use these vehicles regularly. The price of one Scorpio vehicle purchased by Ranchi Police is said to be Rs 19 lakh. It is not that the complaints of problems being faced by vehicles have come only from Ranchi. Other districts in the state are also facing this problem.

The green signal for the purchase of Scorpio was given by the Police Headquarters, after which a vehicle has been purchased for Rs 19 lakh. In the capital, such vehicles will soon be made available to other districts also.

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