Ranchi Municipal Corporation’s Clean Puja Pandal Competition from 20 to 25 October

Ranchi: On the occasion of Durga Puja, Clean Puja Pandal Competition is being organized by Ranchi Municipal Corporation.

Under this, work is to be done to increase awareness about cleanliness.

On the occasion of puja and festivals, devotees often throw away leftover food items and other solid waste around the pandals.

Due to which dirt spreads.

It is also the responsibility of the organizer, local citizens, shopkeepers and devotees to manage better cleanliness.

To make this effort effective, Swachh Puja Pandal Competition has been organized in the light of the instructions of SUDA.

The cleanliness assessment of puja pandals will be done by the team formed during 20th to 25th October on the basis of the parameters mentioned in the table.

The competition is of total 120 marks.

Arrangements for puja pandal Points to be found:

Making shapes from paper, leaves, jute and any other biodegradable material in puja pandals 10.

Use of reused glasses, paper glasses for drinking water and other beverages 10.

To have volunteer cards in the pandals 10.

To ensure cleanliness in the puja pandals Measures taken on one’s own 10.

To display and follow information to avoid littering in puja pandal 10.

De-addiction, not using plastic, spreading it through demonstration and sound 10.

Using biodegradable material, display, LED for advertisement 10.

Using a dustbin, cleaning it from time to time 20.

Disseminating information about the cleanliness of Municipal Corporation in pandals 20.

Puja Disposal of waste generated from pandal like plastic, thermocol 10.

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