Rajeev Gandhi was an all-time relevant leader, the country will never forget his contribution: Dr. Rameshwar Oraon

Ranchi:  On the occasion of Rajiv Gandhi’s 79th birth anniversary, the statue of Bharat Ratna former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was unveiled by State Finance Minister Dr. Rameshwar Oraon at Senior Citizen Garden HEC premises.

Chief Guest Padma Shri Mukund Nayak, Special Guest Alok Kumar Dubey, Lal Kishore Nath Namdev, Dr. Rajesh Gupta Chhotu, Rohit Oraon, Firoz Rizvi Munna, Ramesh Oraon, Sanjit Yadav were mainly present.

Jharkhandi’s traditional cultural decorations, singing drums and dancing, women and men welcomed the guests and brought them to the Udhan campus.

The statue of Rajiv was unveiled by breaking the coconut and 21 Kilo flower garlands were offered and lamps were lit to pay homage.

More than 1500 local HEC residents participated in the 79th anniversary celebration.

And the distinguished citizens of the city became the participants of the historical moment.

After the unveiling of the statue, a tribute meeting was organized.

Addressing the tribute meeting, Finance Minister Dr. Rameshwar Oraon said that there is a need to realize the socialist society that Nehru had envisioned.

Along with the accumulation of it, it is also necessary to pay attention to its correct distribution.

It is more important to pay attention to the fact that the last person of the society, daily wage laborers, marginal farmers, Dalits, should be distributed to all.

It is only through him that the vision of Nehru ji’s socialist pattern of society can be realised.

Expressing his thoughts about late Rajiv Gandhi, he said that Rajiv Gandhi is relevant even today and will remain relevant in times to come.

He was always a supporter of science and change, today the mobile is in every house, it is the telecommunication revolution, economic policies, new economic policy, Jawahar Navodaya to give teachers to the common people in the field of education for less money.

There are many things like the establishment of the school which the society can never forget and this is the quality that Rajiv Gandhi was a supporter of change and was relevant at all times, in the past and will be relevant in the future as well.

On this occasion, Dr. Rameshwar Oraon said that the statue is being unveiled fulfilling the contribution and idea and dream of his old colleague and former minister late Hemant Pratap Dehati.

On this occasion Alok Kumar Dubey said Late Rajiv Gandhi was a national leader with scientific thinking for science and thinking of the future and taught the country and society to walk step by step for change and innovation.

The people of the country will never forget.

Whether it is a revolution in the field of telecommunication, a revolution in the education world, or a matter of economic policy, late Rajiv Gandhi will always be the ideal of the people.

Not only have the supporters of his scientific thinking, even the opponents respected him.

Alok Kumar Dubey said that the people of the state are thanking Dr. Rameshwar Oraon, whose tireless efforts led to the unveiling of the statue of the era man, Rajiv Gandhi in Jharkhand.

Conducting the ceremony, senior Congress leader Lal Kishore Nath Shahdeo said that by reserving half the seats for women in the Panchayati Raj system, he lit the torch of change in the country.

Empowered the youth to lead the world through information technology.

But today the youth of the country is moving forward.Senior Congress leader Dr. Rajesh Gupta Chhotu said that reducing the voting age from 21 years to 18 years, a historic decision was taken by ensuring direct participation of students in democracy.

The short prime ministership of five years Rajiv ji’s contribution during the period is unforgettable for the country.

It proved a milestone by ensuring the important role of women in politics.

Gopal Krishna Jha, convenor of Rajiv Gandhi Senior Citizen Family, gave the welcome speech, retired officer Gopal Prasad read a poem composed on Rajiv and Jagdish Kushwaha presented a song.

The contribution of senior Congress leaders Alok Kumar Dubey, Lal Kishore Nath Shahdev and Dr. Rajesh Gupta Chhotu in the construction of the statue and the successful organization of this program was commendable and everyone along with the Finance Minister thanked the people for unveiling the statue, whose tireless efforts grand program could be organized.

In making this program successful and unveiling of the statue, senior Congress leaders Alok Kumar Dubey, Lal Kishore Nath Shahdev, Rajesh Gupta Chhotu, as well as Rajiv Gandhi senior citizen HEC Garden family, played an important role.

At the end of the program, the entire cultural team of Padma Shri Mukund Nayak, the folk singer of Jharkhand’s Mati, tied a wonderful lamp with his cultural program.

Rohit Oraon, Feroze Rizvi Munna, Mokhtar Singh, Shivaji Singh, Ramesh Oraon, Sanjit Yadav, Ranjit Mahto, Kumaresh Chakraborty, Rajiv Gandhi Senior Citizen Garden family members Sarvashri Gopal Krishna Jha, Shiv Shankar Singh, Ramagya Pandey, DN at the statue unveiling ceremony Singh, Tilakdhari Prasad, Umakant Prasad, DD Prasad, Lethonin Minj, Jyotsna Vaghela, Dr. Virendra Prasad, Sarojini Kavita Sangeeta Toppo, Rajendra Ram, Gopal Thakur, Jagdish Kushwaha, Suresh Kerketta were mainly present.

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