Rain and hail in many areas bring respite to people from hot temperature

Ranchi: In many areas of Jharkhand, the heat may have troubled the people but it rained heavily in the sub-capital Dumka on Wednesday which was coupled with a hailstorm due to which people in this area have got great relief from the scorching heat.

The Meteorological Department had already issued an alert warning that areas like Pakur, Dumka, Godda may receive light to moderate rainfall. The rains in Santhal may have given relief but it will take time for monsoon to knock in Jharkhand.

The normal time is around the second week of June (June 14-15) but this time the monsoon is expected to arrive in Kerala around June 4 which means in Jharkhand, the monsoon can knock in the third week of June (around June 20). 

The Meteorological Department has forecast five percent less rainfall than normal this year. Jharkhand usually receives about 1022 mm of rainfall during the monsoon. The onset of monsoon is usually delayed or early by about seven days. Monsoon had reached Kerala on May 29 last year. 

On the other hand, the state capital of Ranchi also received light rainfall in the evening which was accompanied by wind. The day had began on a hot and sultry note but the change in the weather brought a much need respite to the people of Ranchi.

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