Railway tracks were blown up during Bharat Bandh by Naxalites in Chaibasa

Chaibasa:  Bharat bandh called by CPI Maoists on Friday. The state is in alert mode regarding this ban of Maoists. An alert has been issued by the Police Headquarters regarding this closure in all the districts. Police officials have received information from the intelligence department that during the bandh, Naxalites may attack in the area under their influence, hence special vigilance has been asked during the police operation.

There is also a possibility that during the bandh, Naxalites may target Scott vehicles apart from police pickets, camps, patrolling parties. They can also attack railway tracks or government property and cause damage to it. In such a situation, instructions have been given to keep special vigil in the areas where government construction work is going on.

The bandh successful, a publicity campaign was being run by the Naxalites from 16th December. During this period, Naxalites had also put up posters in the areas under their influence including Kolhan. As soon as the bandh started late on Thursday night, Naxalites detonated a bomb and blew up the railway track between Goelkera and Posaita stations on the Howrah-Mumbai railway route.

As soon as information about the incident was received, Shalimar Kurla Express was stopped at Mahadevshal station as a precautionary measure. Later the train was brought to Goilkera railway station and parked. Not only this, the Naxalites had put up a banner on the upline near Deranwa station. The banner got stuck in the engine of the Tata-Itwari passenger train and went ahead and no one came to know about it. 

The derailment incident took place in the third line between pole number 356/29A and 31A. The railway track was inspected. Maintenance was also done as per requirement. Some work is going on there. Meanwhile, after the safety clearance, the Howrah Pune Duronto Express train was dispatched from Chakradharpur. This train was stuck in Chakradharpur railway station for ten hours. Meanwhile, Railways also canceled many passenger trains running in the Chakradharpur railway division.

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