Raid in Birsa Munda Jail, Search operation for three hours, police could not find mobile phones or any illegal items

Ranchi: Deputy Commissioner Rahul Sinha and SSP Kishor Kaushal raided the Birsa Munda Central Jail in Ranchi.

This action took place at 4 am on Monday.

This raid went on for three hours and searches were conducted in each barrack of the prisoners.

The officers did not find anything special during the raid. This sudden raid created a stir in the jail.

When asked about the raids, the officials said that this is part of the normal routine and such raids have been done in the past as well and will continue in the future.

Such raids were to see if any illegal activity was being done from the jail.

After this raid, the police did not do anything special.

Illegal things present in the jail were being searched through this raid.

Especially looking for such a phone through which contact with people outside is being established.

Often news comes that many big people in jail are establishing contact with people outside.

Even before this the jail was raided.

Along with Ranchi, many jails in the state, mainly in Dhanbad and Hazaribagh, jailed mafia and gangsters keep in touch with their operatives outside.

More than 150 mobile SIMs were reported to be active inside the Birsa Munda Central Jail located at Hotwar, Ranchi.

The police headquarters had submitted the report to the state government along with details of SIM card numbers, WhatsApp numbers, IMEI numbers and virtual numbers active inside the jail.

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