Raghav Tiwari: I’m not looking for a luxurious life

Mumbai (IANS) On the occasion of Mahavir Jayanti, actor Raghav Tiwari, who is currently seen in the show Hamari Wali Good News, says that he has always prioritised inner peace over a luxurious life.

The actor says that he has researched a lot on the teachings of lord Mahavir and tried to embibe them in his life.

“I have read books on lord Mahavir.

His scripts have taught me that money and luxuries are not everything in life. I’m not looking for a luxurious life,” he says.

He adds: “He was born into a royal family but royalty and a luxurious life did not please him. He was in constant search for inner peace and spirituality.

So, one fine day, he left his home and all materialistic possessions in search of this spiritual awakening.”

The actor says that his teachings are so relevant today.

“He led a life of an ascetic and for more than twelve years he practiced rigorous penance and profound austerity. It is believed that after surviving through physical hardships, he attained omniscience. Looking at the current situation when we are fighting this virus, the need of the hour is to be strong spiritually,” he says.

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