Production from North Karanpura super thermal power plant to commence from August 2020

Ranchi: Production from Super Thermal Power Plant being built in North Karanpura of the state would commence from August 2020. The great done Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had laid the foundation for this plant which is based on coal and it is being built by NTPC. So far a sum of Rs 15300 crore has been spent on the plant and BHEL has been handed over the responsibility of commissioning of the plant.

According to the information in this 1980 mw plant unit one would be commissioned in August 2020, unit 2 in September 2020 and unit 3 in August 2021. In unit one the work of boiler erection has been completed and work of turbine is also in the final stages, on the other hand, the work for a boiler in unit 2 started in July 2016 while in unit 3 it was in May 2017. The forest clearance for the plant was received on October 30, 2014. The company has been also allocated Pakri Barwadih coal block for the plant. The company had to witness lots of resentment from the locals and later the compensation amount was also hiked by the company management and still today no decision has been taken on 54 acres of land.

Project head of the plant Ravi Kumar said that the construction of the plant also included construction of 9 chimneys of 90 meter high and air-cooled condenser which was itself a dangerous decision and pointed that the plant is being completed under a new time schedule. He said that the power produced would be given to the central grid and Jharkhand too will have acess to 1/4th of the power produced

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