Primitive tribe families to get 35 kg rice every month

Ranchi, Apr 04: Jharkhand govt on Monday launched PTG Dakia Yojana under which around  70,000 families of primitive tribal groups (PTG), will get foodgrains at their door-step every month with a packet of 35 kg rice.


The scheme was officially launched in three districts: Godda, Sahebganj and Palamu by Jharkhand Ministers.

Jharkhand’s  Health Minister Ramchandra Chandravanshi launched the scheme at Chainpur Block headquarter of  Palamu district,  Welfare minister Louis Marandi launched the scheme in Sunder Pahari Block of Godda district and  agriculture minister Randhir Singh launched it in Barhet Block of Sahebganj.


This scheme has been launched under food for security program of the state. The 35 Kg bag will reach to PTG families at free cost. The name of beneficiary, ration card number and amount of food grain will be mentioned on the packet. The state govt employee will distribute the packet and they have been provided epos for delivery.

In Jharkhand there are 32 tribes and the tribal population constitute 27 per cent of the total population. Of the 32,  eight tribes,  Asur, Birhor, Paharia (Baiga), Sabar, Birajiya, Korwa, Mal Pahariya and Souriya Paharia have been categorised as PTGs.


According officials of Food and Public Distribution, these three districts have been chosen as number of PTG have higher population than other districts.


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