Prices of Tomato and Chilli Crossed Rs 100 Per Kg

Ranchi: Monsoon brought respite from the heat but the prices of vegetables have increased considerably. The prices of tomatoes, green chillies and other vegetables have increased in many parts of the state.

In Deoghar, green chillies are being sold at Rs 250 per kg.Tomato prices have reached Rs 120 per kg. Coriander, which enhances the taste of food, is also not ready to come below 100. Due to the weather, the crop of tomato and chilli has been affected in many parts of the state.

Production is declining or getting spoiled in the field itself. Its direct effect is visible on the market. Due to the rains in two-three days, the production of vegetables in Kharif is expected to be good. The possibility is also being expressed that gradually the prices will improve.

Due to the rain, the fields are full of water, which has directly affected the crops. Tomato is Rs.120 per kg. Okra, Beems and Coriander leaves are also priced above Rs.100. Bitter gourd is also being sold at the rate of Rs. 80 per kg in many places. Ginger is 300- 400 rupees per kg.

Tomatoes are being sold at Rs 120 per kg here in the capital Ranchi. Radish Rs 40, Cauliflower Rs 60, Parwal Rs 50, Bodi Rs 40, Nanua Rs 40, Brinjal Rs 40, Banana Rs 60, Pumpkin Rs 40, Bhindi Rs 40, Bitter Gourd Rs 45, Carrot Rs 40, Green Chilli Rs 100, Spinach Greens Rs 30, potatoes and onions are still stable.

Tomato was being sold at the rate of Rs 30 to 40 per kg four days ago, now its price has increased more than double. Householder Mohan Yadav says on increased prices, “We are getting tomatoes in the market at Rs 90 to 100 per kg.”

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