‘Prada’ singer Shreya Sharma on nepotism in music industry

New Delhi (IANS) Singer Shreya Sharma, who gained instant popularity singing the pop hit Prada with The Doorbeen band, has opened up about nepotism in the music industry. She says people with contacts have easier access to opportunities in the industry.

“People with contacts obviously have easier access to more opportunities but it’s also no reason to disregard the hard work of a star kid. At the end of the day, everyone has to make their own name in the industry and carve their own niche. It’s important that people who have come from outside of the industry find their mentors and focus on finding their USP,” Shreya told IANS.

The singer recently released a track titled Tera Nasha, a romantic number.

What’s next for Shreya? “There’s a soft romantic track I’ve worked on, and another up-tempo song. I really want to try a folk melody with modern production,” she added.

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