Power Of Grace

New Delhi (IANSlife) When a beauty giant joins hands with fashion’s foremost names, one can expect magic. L’Oreal Paris X ELIE SAAB is a modern mash up of elegance and power to create a makeup experience set to enthrall and empower.

The inspiration behind this couture collection? The ‘Power Of Grace’; a notion which infuses the codes of la maison Elie SAAB; elegance, femininity and grace with L’Oreal Paris’ empowering message of self-worth.

“My passion has always been to make women feel beautiful and makeup has the ability to highlight every woman’s natural beauty. As the finishing touch to a look or an accessible way into the world of couture, makeup allows every woman to experience a touch of ELIE SAAB magic every day,” said Elie Saab

“It’s an honour to partner with la maison ELIE SAAB. More than just a fashion collaboration, the launch of this universal collection allows L’Oreal Paris and ELIE SAAB to infuse these unprecedented times with optimism, beauty and self- worth; an accessible way for every woman to indulge in a little escapism and experience the strength that comes from beauty,” said Delphine Viguier-Hovasse, L’Oreal Paris Global Brand President

The range is an invitation for women to embrace their individuality, amplify their femininity and own the power of grace by way of one covetable limited-edition makeup collection.

As masters of their respective fields where detail is everything, this iconic painting illustrates a mutual passion for craftsmanship and savoir faire where luxury and refinement meet L’Oreal Paris well established expertise in colour, innovation and formulation excellence.

ELIE SAAB aficionado Cindy Bruna heads up the campaign flanked by Luma Grothe and Mei Jiang who join her in celebrating the universality of the collection. The campaign invites all women to be the architects of their own destinies.

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