Possibility of a scam of Rs 200 crores in the CMPF payment of CCL – CBI

Ranchi: Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is investigating the CMPF (Coal Mines Provident Fund) payment of about 1000 deceased and retired employees of CCL from the year 2015 to 2018 in Bermo Koyalanchal. In this, the matter of disturbances and scams of about 200 crores is coming to the fore.

CCL officials, bank employees and usurers conspired to withdraw money from the bank. This scam has happened to retired or deceased CCL employees who do not have any creditor in their family. The amount has been withdrawn by posing as fake relatives or creditors of such retired and dead personnel.

Moneylenders have a big hand in this, who got such documents made in a fake way and got the amount transferred from the account of retired or dead person to the other’s account by meeting with CCL officer and bank personnel. As the CBI is probing it, the matter is being revealed layer by layer.

In this regard, a two-member CBI team interrogated various bank officials of Tenughat, Bokaro and Ramgarh and several personal officers of CCL B&K area in order to investigate the irregularities and scam in the CMPF payment of deceased and retired employees of CCL in Bermo Koyalnchal.

At the Kargali Rest House, the CBI officers interrogated six dependents of CCL employees as well as four-five more people involved in the case on Saturday and Sunday. CBI officials said that on giving information about the corruption, immediate action will be taken after investigation as per the procedure. CBI officials said in this case involving a scam of about Rs 200 crore, so far 6 employees, their dependents and personal officers and bank officials associated with the case have been questioned.

The CBI is currently probing the cases of 14 such CCL retired and deceased personnel. But gradually this scope will increase and the accounts of all such retired or deceased CCL personnel from the year 2015 to 2018 will be investigated. The CBI said that this scam was done between 2015 and 2018. During this, many officers and bank officials have changed or retired. The documents related to that time are being scrutinised.

CBI Officials said that the scamsters have done the scam by transferring money from one bank account to different accounts. In this, they have not used the nearby banks but the distant banks. Many usurers are also involved in this case, who are being interrogated. Officials said the matter is very old, due to which it will take some time for the matter to be fully exposed, but not a single scammer will be able to escape. 

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