Police arrested engineering student with 27 packets of brown sugar in Chakradharpur

West Singhbhum: An engineering student has been arrested for selling brown sugar in West Singhbhum district. The arrested student studies in Bhubaneswar and had come to his home in Chakradharpur during vacation. He took money from father on the pretext of paying college fees. Then he bought drugs with this money and got involved in business.

Police arrested an engineering student with 27 packets of brown sugar near Checknaka in Chakradharpur city. The arrested student was identified as Abhi Kumar Ramdas (22). He is a resident of Ramdas Bhatta area of Chakradharpur. 

Police said that they had received secret information. Based on this, the police team conducted a raid near Ramdas Bhatta. During this time a young man was arrested red handed with brown sugar. The price of brown sugar found from the accused student is around Rs 5,000.

During police interrogation, Abhi told that his parents had given him money to pay the college fees. With this money he bought brown sugar and started selling it to fulfill his hobby. Police have arrested Abhi Kumar and taken him to Chakradharpur police station, where he is being interrogated.

Police station in-charge Chandrashekhar told from where and how he had purchased the drugs. After this, action will be taken against the drugs gang. Brown sugar business has started increasing in the city. Due to the greed of earning more money in less time, youth have got into this business. The police are also continuously taking action by running a campaign against drug smugglers.

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