Physical disabilities can not prevent from talent to come out: Guv

Ramgarh, Apr 26: Jharkhand Governor Draupadi Murmu said that physical disabilities can not prevent the inner talent of a person from coming out in the open.


Speaking after inaugurating an inter-state cricket tournament at Tata Sports Complex at Ghato of this district she said despite physical challenges new milestones have been set and they have also played their role in development of the country.


She said that Divyang needed cooperation not compassion and asked the people to encourage them to achieve their targets. She urged the people not to let themselves down with small problems and be ready to move forward after accepting every challenge.

The Governor also visited the Kasturba Gandhi School at Mandu and also saw the class rooms, laboratories and the hostel. She encouraged the students to study and made them understand the importance of the education in lives.


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