PETA India Ranks Top Gifts for Vegan Valentines

New Delhi (IANSlife) With Valentine’s Day right around the corner and interest in vegan food and fashion skyrocketing in India – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India scoured the market for the Top 10 Animal-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts, all available online for shopping during a lockdown:

Vegan Milk Chocolates by Piperleaf – These vegan chocolates have the rich taste and smoothness of cocoa, along with vitamins E and K.

Vegan Ice Creams by The Brooklyn Creamery – Indulge in these tasty vegan ice creams from the comfort of your home.

Coffee Mood Gift Kit by mCaffeine – With a face wash, face scrub, and body scrub made without animal-derived ingredients, this gender-neutral self-care kit will perk up anyone’s mood.

Perfumes by Plum – Plum’s sensual perfumes are available in scents that range from floral to beachy, contain no animal-derived ingredients, and are never tested on animals.

Neutrois Mask by Bloni – Give safety a chic spin with Bloni’s vegan leather face masks, lined with 100 per cent cotton velvet that’s both durable and easily washable.

Faux Leather Belts by Ethik – These chic reversible belts are not just stylish but also kind to cows, no matter how your Valentine wears them!

The Eye Shadow and Original Pink Lip and Cheek Tint by Daughter Earth – This shimmery eyeshadow and coordinating lip and cheek tint are vegan, cruelty-free, and infused with all-natural, good-for-your-skin botanicals.

Vegan Footwear by Monkstory – With this stylish, leather-free range of footwear, you can look killer without killing animals.

Brown Rucksack by The Alternate – With a chocolate-brown vegan leather exterior and organised interior, this bag is as stylish as it is practical.

Pinatex Sling bag by A Big Indian Story – This bright silver sling bag pairs perfectly with practically any outfit, and since it’s made from pineapple leaves, it’s both animal- and eco-friendly.

“If your sweetheart has a huge heart for animals, PETA India;s list of top vegan Valentine’s Day gifts has you covered,” says PETA India Senior Media and Celebrity Projects Coordinator Monica Chopra. “These stylish accessories and delicious treats deliver all the fashion and flavour that any Valentine desires, all while leaving gentle animals in peace.”

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