Palamu’s Saikat Chatterjee will be seen on the screen of Switzerland’s film festival

Ranchi: The film shot in Palamu has been selected for the upcoming Locarno Film Festival to be held in Switzerland from August 2 to 12. This festival is one of the oldest film festivals in the world. The name of the film is “Whisper of Fire and Water”.This film is in Hindi and Bengali language and dubbed in English. 

The director of the film is Ludhak Chatterjee which is his debut film. Mr. Chatterjee said this is not a normal film, it is an artistic film. Its story is also out of the box. This is the story of a young man who is wandering in search of words found in the universe. This film will be shown in the festival. Also, this film has also been nominated for the prestigious Green Pardo Award.

This film has been shot in Dhanbad and Palamu in Jharkhand. The natural beauty of Palamu Tiger Reserve has also been brilliantly shown in this film. Director Chatterjee said in the coming time, planning is being done to shoot the new film again in the beautiful plains of Palamu. The hero of the film is Sagnik Mukherjee, a well-known actor from Bengal. Along with him, Jharkhand’s artist and cinematographer Saikat Chatterjee will be seen playing an important role in this film.

Dhanbad actor Rohit Kumar also acted in this film. Along with them, established actors of Bengal’s film industry Deepak Haldar, Amit Saha, Rohini Chatterjee etc. will be seen. The director said Masoom Art Group and Saikat Chatterjee have played an important role in completing the shooting of this film in Palamu. Kat Chatterjee said the journey of his films has started very late, but now his aim is to establish Palamu’s name in the film world.

Saikat said at whatever stage he is in his career today, it is only because of the love, cooperation and blessings received from the people of Palamu and fellow artists of Masoom Art Group. He said in the coming days, many more films and web series will be shot in Palamu, in which local artists will get ample opportunities.

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