Opposition conducted its own floor test – Sanjay Seth

Ranchi:  Ranchi MP Sanjay Seth held a press conference in his central office regarding disruption of the monsoon session of the Lok Sabha by all the opposition parties, including the Congress, and creating disruptions.

MP Seth said that the monsoon session of the Lok Sabha was called for 20 days.

These 20 days are so that important issues of the country can be discussed.

MPs can put the problems related to their respective areas before the government through the house. Many important bills could be passed, but the heinous act of obstructing the House by all the opposition parties, including the Congress, is an unforgivable crime in a democracy.

Even if he apologizes to the House, the people of this country will never forgive him because when the House runs, every minute counts.

Many issues are discussed but the opposition behaved irresponsibly, as if they have nothing to do with the House.

Misled and misrepresented.

Because of this, four Members of Parliament were also suspended, yet there was no improvement in their antics.

The issue of Manipur on which these people were demanding discussion, with the commencement of the Parliament, Home Minister Amit Shah had agreed to discuss it.

And also said that you can discuss as long as you want.

There is no problem.

Despite this, the ruckus was continued by the opposition members.

Even when the Home Minister was speaking in the House on this issue, all the members disrupted the House.

Brought a motion of no confidence.

Despite knowing the whole truth, respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi accepted his no-confidence motion.

And kept speaking in the House for two and a half hours.

It was unfortunate there too, people did not even find it appropriate to listen to the Prime Minister.

This is the behaviour of the opposition of this country.

In fact, the no-confidence motion and floor test that the opposition parties were conducting was not the floor test of the Modi government.

That floor test was of the opposition.

Even before this, leaving paper pen, bat ball everything, the opposition ran away from the ground.

The whole country has seen that these power-hungry opposition parties are worried about the country.

Neither is Manipur worried.

Neither is the concern of Jharkhand.

No worries anywhere.

You are only concerned about yourself.

Seth said that in spite of creating all kinds of disruptions by the opposition, preparing the situation for not allowing the House to function, inspite of indecent behavior, I kept the things of my area in this session.

Put your questions.

Most importantly, I put a case related to cancer in the Lok Sabha and urged the government to include cancer in the category of notified diseases so that the tracking of cancer patients becomes easier.

May their treatment be easy?

And they can be treated cheaply.

Apart from this, the Chandil Dam which was built four decades ago, even today the displaced are stumbling door to door for justice.

On this issue too, I demanded from the government that a CBI inquiry should be conducted into the situation since the beginning of the process of construction of Chandil Dam.

We all have seen that there is a big problem in the country too, that is the problem of stone pelting. Stone pelting has become a serious problem at the national level.

Looks like anti national elements are training stone pelters.

Because from Kashmir to Jharkhand’s capital Ranchi to Sahibganj, if you see the style of stone pelting, then there is exactly one method. I have urged the government to make a national level law so that they can be punished severely.

I asked many questions in the Lok Sabha during the monsoon session. In which my questions were answered by a total of 18 ministries.

Seth said that I was surprised that the central government is giving money for the development of Jharkhand with both hands, but what the state government is doing on it is beyond comprehension.

Crores of rupees were given and it is surprising that the government was able to spend only 3000 crores.

It is a matter to think that the government failed to spend 70% of the amount.

After all, with what mouth do the representatives of the state government accuse the Indian government?

The Government of India has provided an amount of Rs.397 crores to the state for post-nutrition food for infants and lactating women, pregnant women, for their better health.

This is also a huge amount, which should be utilized by the state government in a better way.

In the last 2 years, 89 Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Kendras have been opened in Jharkhand.

Which is a huge number. 50 to 90 percent cheaper medicines are made available in these Jan Aushadhi Kendras.

The most pleasant thing is that people who spread rumors in the market that the medicines of Jan Aushadhi Kendra are not effective.

The Government of India has clearly stated that the standards under which branded medicines are made.

They are also manufacturing these medicines under the standards.

That’s why there is no problem or problem in the use of these medicines.

Respected Narendra Modi ji gave the benefit of free health insurance up to ₹ 500000 to the citizens of the country under the Ayushman Bharat scheme.

Under this, 721 hospitals have been registered in Jharkhand, where treatment is done through Ayushman card.

Not only this, 593 types of treatment procedures related to cancer have been kept in it.

So that whatever may be the problem, the common people of this country, the poor citizens, can get their treatment done comfortably.

PM Kusum Yojana is one such scheme, which guarantees energy and water to the farmers.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had brought this scheme keeping in mind the interests of the farmers.

Under this, 36000 schemes were approved in Jharkhand at a cost of 36 crores, but unfortunately in which state only 12000 schemes could be implemented.

Call it negligence or neglect of the state government that many schemes are still pending.

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