One day workshop organized for district level master trainer by Election Commission

Ranchi: Chief Electoral Officer K. Ravi Kumar instructed under a pre-planned program, a one-day training workshop was organized in the departmental auditorium for district level master trainers on subjects like Model Code of Conduct, Expenditure Monitoring, Media Complaint, MCMC and Paid News related to Lok Sabha Elections 2024.

In this one-day training workshop, the officials from different districts were given information about which points should be given special attention in monitoring the expenditure of the candidates to conduct clean and fair voting in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2024.

Through the C-Vigil app, information was given on how to take immediate action in cases of violation of election code of conduct. Along with this, detailed training was given on matters like controlling the publication of potentially misleading news on social media or taking prompt action in situations related to paid news of any kind.

Apart from this, the officials from the district were also given information about how to use social media to make voters aware and how to connect with people and make them aware under the SVEEP. 

On this occasion, OSD of Chief Electoral Office Geeta Choubey, Under Secretary Devdas Dutta, Deputy Election Officer, Headquarters Sanjay Kumar and Under Election Officer Sunil Kumar Singh, System Analyst SN Jamil were present.

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