On directions of CM six girls rescued from Bangalore

Ranchi: Musabani’s talented Anjali Paan is now happy as her return to home has been ensured and she will be able to meet her family in a few hours. The state government has rescued her safely from Bangalore. Like Anjali Paan, the other six girls of Potka block are returning to their homes.

Anjali Paan, who is skilled in tailoring said that after taking training from Skill Development Center Dimna, she along with her colleagues went to do sewing-embroidery work in the textile industry in Bangalore. Upon reaching there, everyone was put to work. But, the kind of facility which was said to be provided, was not given. She was also not being treated well. They were neither given proper accommodation nor food facilities. On complaining to the warden, the warden bad threatened them with assault. They wanted to return home but were not being allowed to come and were held, hostage.

The girls requested the Chief Minister and the local MLA to help them return home with the information of the matter also being provided to the Skill Development Center Dimna. As soon as the matter came to the notice of the Chief Minister, the Labour Department and the Deputy Commissioner of East Singhbhum were ordered to ensure safe return the girls at the earliest. After this, the Labour Department actively paved the way for everyone to return home.

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