Officials inspecting RIMS caught 3 touts, police released due to lack of written complaint

Ranchi: A gang of touts is working in RIMS.

From the entrance of the hospital to the departments, they are in possession.

Extorting money by trapping the patients coming from the village is the main business of these touts.

If caught many times, they definitely go away.

But due to non-receipt of written complaint, they are released.

A similar incident happened on Tuesday as well.

When Dr. RK Gupta, director of RIMS, went out to inspect the hospital, three touts were caught near the old emergency medicine shop.

By trapping the patients in their clutches, they do the work of getting medicines from the identified medicine shops. In return, they get commission from the drugstore.

Once again the gang was busted.

After arresting three brokers, one broker accepted his involvement during interrogation.

After which he was handed over to the local Bariyatu police station by the security personnel of RIMS.

However, due to non-receipt of written complaint, the police released him.

At the same time, the director of RIMS took stock of the emergency department of the hospital.

He talked about strengthening the facilities further. Additional Director Seema Singh, Medical Superintendent Dr. Heerendra Birua were present during the inspection.

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