No mass prayers on Christmas this year says Ranchi Archbishop, demands Cabinet Minister from community

Ranchi: There will be no mass prayers on the occasion of Christmas this year in the capital.

Archbishop of Ranchi Felix Toppo on Tuesday said that due to Coronavirus entire humanity is in pain and since the people are in trouble therefore Christmas needed to be celebrated with simplicity.

He called on the people not to indulge in unnecessary lavish expenditure but rather celebrate the festival by serving the poor.

The Archbishop has said that he himself will be celebrating the festival with the rickshaw pullers. He said that after the prayers on December 25 a community lunch will be organised at the Loyala Grounds where apart from the rickshaw pullers, other poor people will be provided food.

He said that in wake of the Corona crisis there would be no permission for gathering and asked the people to participate in the prayers from their homes. On the night of December 24 online prayers will be held from 2230hrs while on Christmas Day prayers will be held from 0930hrs.

The Archbishop said that due to Coronavirus the schools and colleges are closed and online studies was taking place however there was a large population in the villages and cities who lack facilities for having online education therefore Church has decided to run coaching centers in the villages.

He said that Hemant Soren Government is also completing one year of power in the state but unfortunately there was no cabinet minister representing the community therefore the Chief Minister should pay attention towards it and ensuring the participating of Christian community in the government as there were 12 Christian MLAs in the ruling alliance.

Archbishop also raised questions over no appointments in the minorities schools. He said that for the last five years no recruitment has been done which was also impacting the studies of the children.

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