New book illustrates power of companionship for positive change

New Delhi (IANSlife) In a social environment where women giving up professional dreams to put family first is all too common, a new book brings out the story of a couple sharing achievements, and going beyond the notion of “gifting teddy bears and roses to your partner”.

Emerging author Saranya Umakanthan’s book “One Day, Life Will Change” launched this March. Published by FingerPrint Publishers, it also has an audiobook version on Audible. Saranya, a software engineer by profession, describes how she found the inspiration for this book.

“I met a lot of women who gave up on their dreams after their marriage with their personal commitments. Some gave up happily which is fine with me. But there were others who lost themselves unable to carry the load of being a perfect woman, losing their hopes and even forgetting what their dreams were in the first place. I saw them floundering in the turbulent sea of hardships drowning slowly, giving in to the harsh struggles of life. Most of the women I know, go through this phase. I saw the lost dreams in their eyes instead of the sparkling twinkle that I had seen earlier. That gave me a thought to begin my book,” she told IANSlife.

“One Day, Life Will Change” is an inspirational romantic novel where the protagonist, Samaira is one such woman with broken dreams. Her vivacious personality disappeared with the adversities of life but her heart longed for happiness, which she had taken it for granted earlier.

Highlighting the role of strong companionship and growing together, the novel shows how she and her partner pursued their dreams against all odds, inspiring one another and travelling the gruelling path of life.

“Life-altering, difficult situations in your life bring you closer to your partner. The bond of love strengthens when you fight it out together with additional strength and a secure belief that you have someone for you. There can never be a sweeter moment between a couple than celebrating their success together.”

In a time when hope runs dry, how will her book inspire both men and women to chase their dreams and hand-hold their partners through tough times?

“When you tumble into the quicksand of negativity, you lose your hope and in no time this pit will swallow your soul draining away your happiness. You need strong will-power to pull yourself out of this depression and misery. Along with your determination, it will be great to have a strong arm of support from your partner. To me, that is the purest form of love you can give or get. Not merely sending thousands of messages or gifting teddy bears and roses.

“In my story, Vivian stands for Samaira, and Samaira vouches her support to Vivian,” the author concludes, adding that love is a two-way street.

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