Navratri: Cleaning your home the eco-friendly way

New Delhi (IANSlife) Navratri, one of the greatest festivals in the nation, is quickly approaching. Everybody in the house comes together during this festival for a pleasant family outing, shopping, eating a lot of delicious food, cleaning, and decorating the house to welcome Goddess Durga.

It is important to clean your house during the festival since it promotes happiness and wealth. However, we frequently neglect our planet during this process and opt for environmentally unfriendly cleaning techniques. Instead, we should look for environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and cost-effective cleaning methods that are also beneficial for the environment.

Here are some sustainable and pocket-friendly ways shared by homemakers to clean the house for the festive season this year:

Summi Ambastha, a school principal from Kolkata, said, “Durga Puja is a long-awaited festival for my entire family, but we dread cleaning the house. Previously, I spent a lot on expensive chemical-based products that were not even environment friendly. But then I switched to ITC Nimyle, a sustainable floor cleaner that has 100 per cent natural action.

Made with Neem leaves, Nimyle is like an all-in-one product which naturally kills all the germs in the house, leaving a fresh smell behind. Most importantly, post switching to Nimyle, my mother-in-law feels content, as per her traditions and believes Neem takes away the negative energy of the house.”

Anuja Sharan, a homemaker from Siliguri, said, “Neem is India’s backyard pharmacy, and you can take advantage of its anti-bacterial properties when cleaning the storage and wardrobes. One way to use it is by tying some dried neem leaves in a potli and placing them in the corners of your drawers and cabinets. This will ensure that your clothes remain germ as well as insect free. I also use Neem oil to clean to surface to keep ants and other small insects away.”

Rekha Verma, a homemaker from Patna said, “One of the most difficult processes during cleaning is to throw or discard old stuff, especially the ones we are emotionally attached to. I had cupboards full of old heavy embroidered saree; some belonged to my late mother and mother-in-law. As I could not throw them, I decided to repurpose them and made cushion covers and curtains out of them. It spruced up my living room and created a unique decor statement.”

Vatsala Sinha, who works in an IT firm, said, “My favourite way to end the festive cleaning routine is to create a homemade air freshener. For that, all you need is a stick of cinnamon and lemongrass. Boil them together and wait for the scent to waft into your home.”

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