Muslims decide not to offer namaz on road in Ranchi

Ranchi (IANS) A Muslim cleric has convinced his community against offering namaz on roads in Ranchi henceforth.

“We stopped people from offering namaz on roads as it is incorrect to do so in Islam. There were some people who stood in queues on road to offer namaz but from now onwards it will be done inside mosques and space available beside it,” Maulana Ubaidullah of Ekra Mosque told reporters.

So far, traffic on Ranchi’s several roads, including Mahatma Gandhi Road, had to be diverted for namaz every Friday leading to massive jams. However, this Friday, hundreds of Muslims offered namaz inside Ekra Mosque situated near Ratan Talkies.

“The main road is an important route of the city as school buses, ambulances and important vehicles pass through it. Disturbing others in the name of offering namaz is not permitted in Islam,” said Maulana Ubaidullah.

He said a meeting of the clerics of all mosques in the city will now be convened to stop the practice. The decision has been welcomed by the residents of Ranchi.

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