Multi crore Scam in various projects of Jharkhand Government Revealed – CAG Report

Ranchi: Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) Officials revealed multi crore scam of Jharkhand Government in Ranchi on Friday.

CAG officials said in a press conference that after the formation of JMM led Alliance Government till now Ward Committees have not been constituted.

Auditors said Rs 35.93 Crore have been wrongly paid to contractors in the name of sewerage and drainage development plan of state government.

State Government Rs. 36 Crore wrongly allocated for Bank Guarantee scheme which is not from the scheduled nationalized bank.

Government allocated Rs. 75. 40 Crore have been paid illegally for developing Sewage Pumping Station in Ranchi City.

CAG Officials said that Rs 55.03 Crore Fund of the Central Government was violated by the state government under National River Conservation Plan (NRCP) for Harmu River.

22.59 sq. km of Harmu River is a violation of the central public Health and Environmental Engineering Organization Manual.

River Cross Sections were designed on the basis for flood discharge for a return period of 25 Years, instead of 100 Years.

CAG Officials said, According to Report of MECON Limited, there is presence of Faecal Coliform, and severe pollutants in Harmu River and Swarnarekha River.

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