Mughal Sultanate ended but its imprint is still visible in Jharkhand – Pratul Shahdeo

Ranchi:  BJP state spokesperson Pratul Shahdeo on Thursday hit back at Congress party’s statement and said that the petition filed by ED in the Supreme Court on the issue of bail of Hemant Soren has revealed very shocking facts.It seems that time has stopped in Jharkhand. The Mughals departed. But the Mughal Sultanate still continues here. 

According to the ED petition, he used to hold Jahanpanah’s court. All the advisors used to gather and a plan was made to loot the treasury. After that, there was systematic looting of treasury and people’s land. Not only this, the court was also held at the places of officers working under Jahanpanah. The officers used to dance with the girls while spilling the jam.

Pratul said that the hard-earned money of the tribal people whom he had promised to share in power was wasted by the previous government. This work is being taken forward even in the present government. This entire episode is mentioned in point 54 of ED’s petition, digital evidence of which is also available.

Pratul said that in Point 51 of the petition given by ED in the Supreme Court in the case of Hemant Soren, it is clearly mentioned that there was a commission scam of Rs 3000 crore in the tender of Rural Development Department alone. Whose strings are directly connected to Alamgir Alam, which his associates have also accepted in written statements. JMM and Congress are silent on all these things.

Congress is also silent on the fact that ED has made it clear in its petition that 8.86 acres of land in Bargai was in the possession of Hemant Soren. ED has clarified in its petition that Circle Officer Manoj Kumar, Pintu’s Additional Secretary Uday Shankar Prasad, former CO Shailesh Kumar and Caretaker Santosh Pahan have testified that the land is Hemant Soren’s benami land. This is called institutional corruption when the entire state government comes together to loot.

Why did the Congress spokesperson not clarify why in 2007 their UPA government had given an affidavit in the Supreme Court calling Ramlala ji a fictional character and Ramayana a fictional text? After that he also boycotted the inauguration ceremony of Ram temple. These are anti-Ram people and the public will teach these Ram traitors a lesson. 

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