Most underrated brands in the sneaker industry

New Delhi (IANSlife) The sneaker industry which is dominated by giants like Nike, Adidas, and Puma, has long captured the limelight and popularity with their high-profile collaborations and extensive marketing campaigns.

However, amid these mainstreams, there exists a realm of underrated brands that deserve equal attention for their exceptional designs, impeccable craftsmanship, and noteworthy contributions to sneaker culture.

This article delves into some of the most underrated brands in the sneaker industry, urging you to explore these hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered.

New Balance

While New Balance has witnessed a recent surge in popularity within fashion circles, its offerings go far beyond the widely acclaimed 990 series. Discerning sneakerheads should delve deeper into New Balance’s diverse silhouettes, such as the 550s, 9060, and the MADE in England line. These models harmoniously blend retro aesthetics with modern comfort, catering to both leisurely wear and athletic pursuits. Embrace the charm of versatility with New Balance, a brand that deserves to be on your radar.


Lanvin may have earned fame primarily for its luxurious fashion collections, but this esteemed brand has also been carving a niche in the sneaker industry. Under the creative direction of Grammy-winning artist Future, Lanvin’s sneakers possess an unparalleled allure, setting them apart from their competitors. With innovative designs and meticulous attention to detail, Lanvin’s footwear emerges as a hidden treasure for ardent sneaker enthusiasts seeking uniqueness in every step.

Louis Vuitton

Synonymous with opulence and style, Louis Vuitton extends its grandeur to an impressive lineup of sneakers. While the famous Virgil Abloh collaborations have captivated the world, the brand has much more to offer luxury sneakerheads. Louis Vuitton’s sneakers embody a harmonious blend of premium materials, elegant aesthetics, and exceptional comfort, rendering them an indispensable addition to any sophisticated sneaker collection.


With the resurgence of dad shoes in contemporary fashion, Umbro stands as an unsung hero in the realm of iconic products. Despite its legacy in crafting exceptional sneakers, Umbro often remains unnoticed amid the sneaker giants. Yet, the brand continues to produce designs that seamlessly fuse style and functionality. For those seeking classic designs with a hint of nostalgia, Umbro is undoubtedly a brand that deserves recognition.


Rewind to the early 2000s, and BAPE’s Bapesta sneakers ruled the streets. Now, with the revival of Y2K fashion, BAPE is set to reclaim its throne with a powerful comeback. Featuring a distinctive star logo and eye-catching designs, Bapestas exudes timeless appeal that continues to captivate sneaker enthusiasts. Keep a keen eye on BAPE for exciting releases that effortlessly fuse streetwear aesthetics with premium quality.


While not conforming to the conventional mold of sneaker brands, MSCHF demands a special mention for its groundbreaking creations. Each product from MSCHF serves as a provocative piece of art that sparks thought-provoking conversations. From the controversial Lil Nas X Satan Shoes to quirky collaborations like big red boots and Crocs, MSCHF’s unique approach to design and storytelling elevates them to a brand worth exploring for those who crave the extraordinary.

Sahil Nandal, Co-Founder of Free Society says, “While the big brands dominate the headlines, it’s crucial to dig deeper and discover the underrated brands that are doing incredible work. These brands offer a sense of exclusivity and authenticity that can truly elevate your sneaker game. Don’t hesitate to step out of the mainstream and explore the hidden treasures the sneaker world has to offer.”

The sneaker industry’s vast landscape houses a multitude of innovative designs and brands that often remain overshadowed by the glitz and glamour of mainstream giants.

These underrated brands offer a fresh and distinctive perspective to sneaker culture, boasting styles that exude individuality and craftsmanship that ensures premium quality.

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