More than 10,000 complaints lodged at state level Corona control room

Ranchi: The State Level Corona Control Room (SLCCR)  set up by the State government is helping the people to contact for any kind of assistance and queries regarding Corona Virus (Covid-19).

Quick actions are also been taken on the lodged complaints and as of now, a total of 10,476 cases related to food, medicine, law and order and stranded workers in Jharkhand have been reported, out of which assistance has been provided to 6,417 cases, while others are being processed.

The State level Corona Control Room has the received highest number of food supply related cases, so far 4,424 cases have been processed.

Ration dealer of the Public Distribution System (PDS), Lalchandra Ram, was not distributing ration to 45 villagers in Panrepura village, Palamu due to mutual fighting since January 2020. Due to the lockdown, the problem of food grains arose to the villagers. The villagers lodged a complaint in the state level Corona control room through 181 in this regard. The SLCCR, took quick action and informed the matter to the District Supply Officer, Palamu. Taking cognizance of the case, the ration dealer was suspended and the ration of two months was distributed to the villagers.

In the State Level Corona control room (SLCCR), Mandakini Devi of Garhwa district requested to provide ration through 181. She informed that her husband was a bus conductor and due to lockdown his income has stopped. Due to their bad financial condition, there is no food grains to eat and they do not even have a ration card. The SLCCR immediately contacted the District Supply Officer of Garhwa and informed regarding the case. After this, 10 kg of ration was made available to Mandakini Devi. She expressed her gratitude to the government.

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