Monsoon fashion trends

New Delhi (IANSlife) Monsoon is all about bright, happy colours and comfortable clothes. From ‘work from home’ meetings to cozy coffee dates, dress up according to the season to impress. Ashima Sharma, celebrity fashion designer and founder of Ashima S Couture shares some monsoon trends to follow this season.

1. Bold colours and dark shades are in trend: black and single colour pants can be worn with contrasting shades of tops and shirts.

2. Jeans are a classic but this year trend is of bell bottoms in denims that imitates the classic retro look.

3. Ruffles are again seen trending this monsoon with ruffled skirts and tops.

4. Monochrome shades are trending again this season, monochrome pants can be seen worn by many influencers and have gained popularity largely this monsoon.

5. The floral prints are a forever favourite of the fashion lovers and these floral dresses are perfect for the monsoon season.

6. Culottes are the perfect and trending monsoon look for the office-goers as it gives comfort along with style. This is a choice opted widely by working women with an active lifestyle.

7. Crop tops are an ultimate fashion favourite for the fashionistas this year. Especially in monsoon, crop tops are a raging trend. They can be teamed up with shorts, jeans and skirts to give a trendy look.

8. Short skirts were out of trend since long but this year they are back in trend, this year many celebrities have been seen donning this look in their events and hence they are popular again. It is also a comfortable option for monsoons.

9. Free fitting clothes are in trend this monsoon. Due to the comfort factor and the fact they can easily be worn on a daily basis, the casual look is an ultimate favourite of the youth and free fitted clothes give the perfect casual look this monsoon.

10. Shrugs are a fashion favourite for the monsoons as they offer a perfect blend of casual and trendy look. They can be paired up with almost anything; like jeans, shorts, skirts etc. They provide the perfect trendy look for the monsoon season.

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