Mesmerising colours of autumn in Switzerland

New Delhi (IANSlife) As beautiful as Switzerland is in summer, the changing colours of autumn paint the vistas of the country in delightful golden hues. Witnessing the delightful shades of orange, yellow gold and green, is a dream come true! Switzerlands colourful Autumn in September and October is one of the best times to explore this gorgeous country.

Here are some snapshots of this glorious country painted in beautiful autumn shades!

Autumn Along the Grand Tour of Switzerland

The unique combination of the rural idyll, culturally thriving towns, and impressive culinary diversity, painted in autumn shades all packed into a small area, is what sets Switzerland apart. The Grand Tour of Switzerland combines all this in a fun way as the best way to experience Fall is on a self-drive through some of the most scenic regions of Switzerland. The Grand Tour combines all of Switzerland’s attraction on one route � all available on an app with suggestions for routes, attractions, accommodation as well as restaurants


The adventure capital of Europe turns into a trekker’s paradise in the Fall season! But of course, other adventures like paragliding, mountain biking, bungee and canyon jumping are also available.

Lake Geneva Region

The dramatic vineyards that drop off into Lake Geneva offer over 30 kms of trails. Nothing can be more romantic than a boat ride on Lake Geneva in autumn with your partner cruising through the captivating colours of fall or biking across the vineyards stopping to taste some wine at the several wine-tasting cellars that offer a tasting session along with the tour of the cellar.


Nestled amongst mountains and an aquamarine-tinted lake, Lucerne in fall will make you feel like you have time travelled to a quaint fairy tale-town with all its trimmings � cobblestone streets and centuries-old pretty wooden bridges all surrounded by blazing autumn trees reaching up through a mysterious veiled mist.


The quaint, pretty alpine village of Zermatt nestled among the Swiss Alps comes alive in Autumn, and how! The best way to treat your eyes to the visual artistry of fall in this beautiful resort town is to walk/ trek through trails lined with warm coloured trees set against a backdrop of crystal-clear blue skies. And if that is too much effort, you can admire the nature from the comfort of a cable car of Matterhorn Glacier Paradise.


The largest city of Switzerland is a must-visit in fall, not only are the leaves colorful, but also the diversity of exciting activities on offer in Zurich. Hikes, culinary specialties and wines are amongst the plenty of fun things to do in Zurich to lure visitors to this wonderful city!

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