Markets decked up for Diwali Celebrations

Ranchi: This year’s Festival of lights, ‘Diwali’ is going to be special. The market is decked up with decorative items like Flowers, Diyas (Earthen Lamps), Electric Bulbs, Sweets, Clothes, Green Fire Crackers. Artificial flowers and decorative flowers are in demand to decorate the House, Office and Business hubs. Diyas or Earthen Lamps are on sale at Rs 1 per Diya.

A vendor said, this year we have to sell 50,000 Diyas for Diwali Celebrations. Mustard Oil to light the earthen lamps are being sold at Rs 160 per Liter. Market is filled with Colorful Electric Bulbs which are on sale at Rs 30 to Rs 3000. People decorate their house and office with Colorful Drawings and Rangolis on the occasion of Diwali. Clothes and Saris are being purchased by people from shops.

A Shopkeeper of Varun Malhotra from Ranchi’s reputed shop ‘Manyavar’ said, “This year we are selling Kurta’s available at Rs 1500 to Rs 10,000.” Whereas, Salwar Suits are available at our shop at Rs 18, 00 to Rs 15,000. Jewellery shops are filled with a variety of necklaces and coins commemorating the image of Lord Lakshmi and Ganesha.

A Jeweller from Tulsyan Showroom Pradeep Tulsyan from Ranchi’s Church Complex said, “Silver and Gold Coins are available at our shop from Rs 100 to Rs 10,000.” Whereas, Gold Chains and Necklace are being sold at Rs 50,000 to Rs 5 Lakh. Sweets are being purchased by people on the occasion of Diwali Celebrations. 

A Sweet Vendor from Ranchi’s Lalpur area said, “This Year Sweets Mainly Ladoos are being made with Besan and Ghee and they are on sale at Rs 10 to Rs 30 per Ladoo.” Whereas, Cashew Burfi is being sold at Rs 900 per Kilo Gram. Utensils and Herbals are in demand during ‘Dhanteras’, the day is celebrated by remembering God of Ayurveda Lord Dhanvantari. Utensils Shop at Church Road is being decorated with varieties of utensils. People like to buy Utensils on the occasion of Dhanteras.

A Lota or Bronze Pot is available at Rs 60 to Rs 600. Likewise, Bucket, Spoon, Steel Plates, Kadhai, Tawa or other Steel Items can be purchased at Church Road Area. Idols of Lord Lakshmi and Ganesha are also being sold at Road Side. Idols of Lord Lakshmi and Ganesha are being worshiped on the occasion of Diwali. People pray to God of Wisdom Lord Ganesha and the Goddess of Wealth Lakshmi for Peace, Prosperity and Success.

Idols of Lord Ganesha and Lakshmi are being sold at Rs 50 to Rs 500. Various people start their financial year with a new accounting book and by worshipping Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi on the occasion of Diwali. The Electronic Market has also increased their rates. Washing Machines, Tele Vision, Mobile Phones, Laptops, Computers, Refrigerators and other Electronic Items are being sold at higher prices.

Eco Friendly, Green Fire Crackers which are in demand and reduce 65 % of Pollution level are being sold at roadside stalls. A FireCracker Vendor Sanjay Singh alias Lallu Singh, who organizes Kali Puja at Jaipal Singh Stadium said, “Without Firecrackers, Diwali cannot be celebrated.”

Children who used to go schools and Young Boys and Girls who used to go to Colleges are enthusiastic to burst Fire Crackers on the occasion of Diwali. Green Fire Crackers are available at Rs 70 to Rs 6500, Said Lallu Singh. Green Fire Crackers mainly Hydro Green, Top – 10, Electric Green, Mix Masala, Facebook, Angry Bird, Hi-Five, Spider-Man, Re-Mix, Red-Dragon, Sky Marshall, Star Wars.

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