Manjari Mishra on her saree reels: ‘They symbolise heritage, grace, diversity’

Mumbai (IANS) Actress Manjari Mishra has opened up on making reels donning sarees, saying it serves as a means to preserve and promote cultural aspects, while also celebrating individual expression and creativity.

Known for her work in the Gujarati film ‘Fuleku’, ‘Rocket Gang’, and the short film ‘Main Tumhara’, Manjari is a saree lover, and her reels donning sarees have been garnering a lot of attention.

“The decision to start making reels in saree stemmed from a desire to celebrate and honor Indian traditions and culture, while also engaging with a wider audience on social media platforms. It’s a way to showcase the beauty and elegance of the attire while also sharing meaningful content,” Manjari said.

“Earlier, people would say ‘Are you going somewhere special’ if they saw someone wearing a saree. But now sarees are no more an ‘occasion wear’ thing. From markets to malls or vacations, it’s everywhere. Today’s generation takes pride in draping it. So, I tried to include that pride in my reels, and I am happy that they are being received well,” she added.

The actress believes that sarees hold significant cultural and traditional values in India.

“They represent not just a piece of clothing, but also symbolies heritage, grace, and diversity. Wearing a saree in reels can serve as a means of preserving and promoting these cultural aspects while also celebrating individual expression and creativity,” she said.

Manjari also believes that creators collaborate with brands that align with their values and objectives, whether it’s promoting cultural diversity, technology, or other relevant themes.

“Even though I have collaborated with brands that resonate with my values, I also try to see the price value. What is the point of becoming a creator or an influencer when everything is high priced,” she said.

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