Malaika Arora: Don’t starve yourself, food is key to get fit

New Delhi (IANSlife) Actress and fitness icon Malaika Arora says that it is a misconception that Indian food is loaded with fat. She

says: “There is a reason why we term an Indian meal as a well balanced one, because it is complete with nutrients, the goodness of vegetables and the rich flavour of Indian spices.”

Malaika has recently launched her own food bowl brand called Nude Bowls, the idea behind which is that healthy food can be tasty and wholesome too.

“There is a perception that healthy food is not delicious, or that nutritious food doesn’t taste as good and I wanted to break this myth. Nude Bowls promises the goodness of flavours without compromising on taste and indulgence and guarantees transparency of all ingredients without using artificial flavours and colours,” she told IANSlife.

Sharing that food is an integral part of self-care for her and “being mindful of what we eat and what we choose to expose our body to is as important as exercising for our holistic well-being”, the Bollywood star says that she wanted to share what she consumes daily which are simple and nutritious meals that do not have any undisguised flavours but are also delicious. The actor has curated each dish, keeping in mind that it adds all the required nutrients in a single bowl with easy ingredients from my kitchen.

“The menu comprises of items created with easily available ingredients to offer wholesome meals without missing out on taste and nutrition. In the near future, I will also expand the menu to seasonal favourites and create new concoctions based on the reactions and feedback I receive.”

Nude Bowls are available to order on EatSure, a food delivery app. “We were able to launch in 200 locations at one go which helped us reach more customers easily and quickly as compared to dine-in,” says Malaika when asked if a retail presence could soon be expected of the new brand.

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