Major Water Crisis in Dhurwa as JSCA stadium pulled out water from deep boring to irrigate Cricket Field and to fill Swimming Pool – Suchita Rani Ward Commissioner 40

Ranchi: Ward Commissioner of Ranchi Municipal Ward no – 40 of Heavy Engineering Corporation (HEC) Campus in Dhurwa, Suchita Rani on Thursday said in an interview with Reporter Post that “As temperature crossed 40 degree Celsius and City is facing major water scarcity.”

Households from Ward number 40 pay ₹ 150 per month to buy Drinking water from the tanker of Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC), Rani added.

Old method of Pipeline of Drinking Water has defaults.

We have submitted lots of letters to Hatia MLA Navin Jaiswal but the MLA did not respond to our phone calls and letters.

In the last two years we have done 50 to 60 Borings in different localities of our Ward.

“Rupees 12 Lakh to 15 Lakh allocated as per the norms and budgetary allocation of RMC to every Ward for development work in a Financial Year,” said Rani.

We are working for a good Drainage system, Ward Commissioner added.

People depend on and are collecting water for bath, washing Clothes and washing of utensils from nearest Dhurwa Dam, they travel through Auto rickshaw, Cycle, Rani added.

It is very difficult and even not possible to provide drinking water facilities in every colony of South Ranchi Dhurwa Locality, Rani Said.

In Vidyanagar we have done five boring things to have a better drinking water facility.

Water tankers are providing drinking water to ward 40 in Dhurwa four to five times in a day, Suchita Rani added.

Hatia MLA Navin Jaiswal has no links, no connection and has no coordination with their ward commissioner and the people of his constituency, Rani said.

“Sector 2, Sector 3, Old Vidhan Sabha, GST Office, Project Bhavan, and Hatia Railway Crossing, Mahavir Mandir sector 4, Sharma Colony Sector 3 and the slum areas of Dhurwa are facing major water crisis,” Ward Commissioner Suchita Rani added.

50 % of the Dhurwa Locality of HEC Campus in South Ranchi has shortage of drinking water.

Jharkhand State Cricket Association (JSCA) International Cricket Stadium comes under Ward number 40 and it has 8 to 10 deep Borings and they pulled out all the water for the swimming pool and to irrigate the cricket field, Rani added.

Paras Hospital also has its own water connectivity through boring water.

We are supplying water to Prabhat Tara School and St. Thomas School to meet their needs.

School Children have to quench their thirst and to have use in summer days.

Near Jagannathpur Pond people don’t have a Voter Identity Card so we are unable to provide them with a boring facility, Rani Said.

Yesterday near JP Market we provided 5 to 6 tankers of Water for Marriage of a girl.

Ward Commissioners of Ward number 37, 38, 39 have no interference in our ward, but to provide Drinking water is a work of Philanthropy and for welfare purposes, Rani added. 

Residents of Dhurwa Locality who work at Secretariat and HEC and rest of the areas always have a complaint and we have to sort out their problems.

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