Madhurima Tuli loves her mehendi on Diwali, focuses on her attire

Mumbai (IANS) As the auspicious festival of Diwali draws near, actress Madhurima Tuli has shared her plans for the festivities, stating that she loves her mehendi at this time and is greatly focused on her attire that must match the mehendi.

Talking about what Diwali is for her, she said: “The vibe of Diwali is more about the lighting and the aesthetics around it. For me, it is always very special. Mostly, it is either my brother who comes home for celebration or I go to his place.

“This time as well, it is going to be somewhat similar. I love my mehendi during this time and I also look forward to dressing up nicely for the festival. So, for me, it’s about enjoying the lighting and enjoying family time alongside good food.”

She added: “What’s a strict no for me is firecrackers. My pet gets very scared on a personal level and in general as well, it is horrendous for the health of stray animals and human beings. Hence, it’s important that we think of them as well during our celebration. Wishing all my friends and family a very Happy Diwali 2023.”

The ‘Chandrakanta’ actress also shared a reel of herself on Instagram where she donned a red saree and was lighting several diyas, giving off the sense of jovial celebrations.

As she is often juggling between her personal life and wok commitments, Diwali is the time where Madhurima has decided to take it easy.

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