Love Hip Hop?

New Delhi (IANSlife) A wave of hip-hop fever is sweeping the nation, and one of the biggest hip-hop festivals is at the heart of it. Returning for its sixth season, BREEZER Vivid Shuffle is coming to Mumbai on the 12th and 13th of November 2022, ready to make the city groove to the #BeatsOfTheStreets. Here are five reasons why you cannot miss the most happening hip-hop festival in the country.

Rock With Some of the Most Loved Hip Hop Icons: Bollywood star Kriti Sanon, will be joining into the vibe with the audience and rap superstar Raftaar dropping some sick beats.

Groove to the Freshest Tunes: Come watch high-energy performances by Wicked Sunny, DJ Proof, and Dino James as they play with hip hop, trap, and funk beats through the night on Day 1. Day 2 will see hip-hop superstar Raftaar, and veteran rappers Pavan, Agsy, and Krsna as they turn up the volume with powerful beats! Are you ready?

Workshops – School of Shuffle, Open Dance Cyphers: Want to shake a leg to the beats, but struggling to learn the steps of the streets? BVS has you covered. Begin your initiation into the world of hip hop hustlin’ with the School of Shuffle dance workshop, that will have you freestyling in no time. You can also take your steps to the many open dance cyphers at the festival, where you can pick up some new styles, new buddies, and a lot of applause.

Refresh Your Wardrobe with Some Certified Fly Streetwear: Hip-hop styles and swag go hand in hand. Get your outfits up to date on the latest drip with some new threads and kicks at the BVS streetwear souk, featuring some of the best original streetwear and unique styles that will amp up your look from the everyday sports casual to true baller.

Tune Into The Culture and Passion Behind the Hip-Hop Movement: Hip-hop is an artistic and cultural movement that blends music, dance, art, and fashion.

Whether you’re discovering new artists to listen to or new ways to express yourself through breakdancing or street fashion, hip-hop is a way to claim your individuality and find a community to share it with. So whether you take away a memorable experience or a lifelong passion, it all begins right here at BREEZER Vivid Shuffle.

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