Living on the edge: A birthday dreamscape

New Delhi (IANSlife) Good Earth, released its first-ever limited-edition art prints in 2020, depicting flora and wildlife recovering their due place in nature. Nature’s takeover of man-made landmarks was creatively depicted by Good Earth’s design team in a whimsical dreamy style. The global lockdowns imposed during the pandemic prompted the creation of this project.

Van Vaibhav is Good Earth’s guiding concept. The brand has a profound passion for nature in all of its forms, and preserving the beauty of the forest is at the centre of everything. In keeping with this ethos, there is no better way to commemorate our 26th anniversary than by giving back to the environment.

The Dreamscape art print series celebrates the brand’s birthday. Endangered and fragile creatures of wild paradise come alive with attention to their condition in India.

The artwork, titled ‘Living on the Edge,’ underlines the importance of getting a closer look at these wonderful creatures. While everything appears to be lovely and unconstrained, these endangered species are truly living on the verge of extinction.

The Dreamscape will be printed in 500 limited edition Poster prints, which will be available for purchase the brand’s web store ( All sales revenues – matched with an equal amount by Good Earth – will go towards the Wildlife Trust of India’s aim to conserve and protect vulnerable and endangered species, as part of our ongoing relationship.

Speaking about the initiative, Good Earth’s Founder and Creative Director, Anita Lal, says, “Birthdays are milestones when we count our blessings and look ahead with hope for a better future for all. Animals are so vulnerable, and their habitats are ever receding due to the pressure on land and the many hazards that humankind creates on this planet. The Wildlife Trust of India, among many others, is working tirelessly to stem the decline in the numbers of our vulnerable animals. We want to contribute to this valiant effort in any way we can. Our hope is that the posters help create awareness and sensitise us and the younger generation to think more about ways to live sustainably.

Collaboration with English artist Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell’s special illustrations are featured in the birthday dreamscape, a fitting collaboration given her enthusiasm for nature. The British artist created gorgeous drawings/illustrations of fragile, endangered, and critically endangered species for this exclusive print, which then travelled to our in-house design team’s digital paradise.

“I was especially excited to be able to collaborate on this project with Good Earth knowing that all proceeds would go to the Wildlife Trust of India. Hearing about their work and how they play a vital role in preserving and protecting the natural world and all its wild inhabitants resonated with me. It was a truly breathtaking sight to see elephants in the wild when I was backpacking around India many years ago. It’s hard to believe that their numbers have declined so drastically. Since that trip, I have been involved in doing what I can do to raise money and awareness of these majestic creatures and am thrilled to be able to help with this, ” says Rebecca Campbell on the collaboration.

The Indian one-horned rhinoceros, Asian elephant, Common Leopard, Markhor, Hangul, Himalayan Brown Bear, Whale Shark, Gharial, Indian Cheetah, Indian Pangolin, Asiatic Black Bear, Asian Wild Water Buffalo, Sarus Crane, and Anaimalai Flying Frog are among the species shown in the artwork.

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