Liquor will not be sold in Shravani Mela at around Baba Baidyanath Dham Temple Premises

Deoghar: There will be a complete ban on the sale of liquor in Shravani Mela on Kanwariya Path in Deoghar. An order in this regard has been issued. In the order issued by the Excise and Prohibition Department, strict instructions have been given that liquor will not be sold at these two places under any circumstances. Baby Devi has taken her first decision after becoming the Minister of Excise and Prohibition Department.

Taking a decision Minister Baby Devi has informed all the officials about the ban on selling liquor by order. This order will remain in force till the last day of Shravani Mela. The Shravani Mela is organized till 31st August.

Minister Baby Devi, in her order regarding not selling liquor, has argued that this decision has been taken keeping in mind the devotees, especially the sisters and daughters. This is not the first time that liquor sale has been banned during the Shravani Mela. This decision has been taken earlier also. Not only this, there is already a ban on the sale of liquor around all religious places and educational institutions in the state.

Liquor shops will not open around here, this decision is also effective from long ago. Liquor was being sold through private hands in the state, even then and liquor is being sold through the government, even now this order is effective. The decision to ban the sale of liquor around Kanwaria Path has been taken for the first time. The positive effect of this order of the department is being seen among the people.

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