Leverage festive offers to give your home a Diwali makeover

New Delhi (IANSlife) Diwali, is just around the corner, and with it, the festival of lights brings along expectations of good times, good fortune, happiness, and positivity. This year’s Diwali is even more special, after spending two long years under covid restrictions, we can finally celebrate the festival with the vigor and enthusiasm. We now have more than one reason to cherish the festivity with our friends, family, and loved ones by inviting them to our homes, which gives us a fantastic opportunity to renovate or upgrade our homes.

While redecorating our home and giving it a facelift may feel like an uphill task, there are several simple and cost-effective ways to spruce it up that can surely dazzle your friends and family. The trick is to shop during sale season. This allows you to choose your favourite sofa that you have been eyeing for a while now, while you throw in an additional rug or table without putting a dent in your wallet.

Mathew Joseph, CEO & Co-founder of leading home lifestyle brand Sleepyhead, said, “Come festive season, digital-first shoppers start looking for design-forward products of great quality at accessible prices. To get homes party-ready this festive season, consumers can give their living room the facelift it needs by replacing their old Sofa with one that is modern, chic, and sturdy, while adding a dash of colour to their living room.

“Thanks to technology and the D2C business model, buying a stylish sofa or a comfy recliner that reflects their personalities at an attractive price has become easy and convenient. They can browse and pick from an array of functional yet contemporary designs as per their needs, which will be delivered to their doorstep before they know it.” Consumers can avail Up to 40 per cent off on Sleepyhead’s furnishing and Decor line at Sleepyhead Big Deal Sale, which is live till October 24th, 2022.

Varsha Kunnil, a communication specialist from Chennai, said, “My home is more than a living space for me. It is my haven where I spend most of my time with friends and family and since most of us work from home it converts to a comfortable workplace as well. I, therefore, make plans on upgrading my home decor this festival season. My living room sometimes feels basic and boring.

“Last week, I purchased colourful curtains from the Amazon Great Indian Sale which has given my space more depth and vitality. I also purchased a terracotta lamp, which provides ample lighting for the celebrations in my room. The lamp brought brightness, and the curtains gave my living room a modern image. I plan on adding more colours with a new sofa and a bookshelf for my growing collection of books.”

“Our homes are the reflection of our souls. A look at your abode is equal to a glance at your heart. People acquire unique tastes; they need fresh new decor items for their space. With the festive cheer charging the consumers’ spirits, the brand is introducing unique product lines with collections for different categories, hoping to give our consumer’s homes a euphoric vibe.

“At The June Shop, we have everything in our product line to spruce up your home space as the team grasps the latest trends to keep up with consumer trends. We love curating products and category lines according to the dynamic needs of the home decor industry during the festive season keeping sustainability in consideration and tailoring them our best services for this season.” says Vansikha Nahata, CEO, of The June Shop.

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