Let’s spread a message of harmony by using the colours of Palash made by rural women

Ranchi: The women of Sakhi Mandal are making herbal gulal for the festival of colours, Holi, during which the demand of herbal gulal is very high. In this Holi, the organic herbal gulal prepared from different types of natural products by the rural women of Sakhi Mandal is at the centre of attraction of the people. In the festival of Holi, people get drenched in colours and spread the message of social harmony and brotherhood by applying colours to each other. The sisters of Sakhi Mandal have worked to celebrate this festival of colours and to create an alternative source of livelihood from it.

The Sakhi Mandals of Hazaribagh and Dhanbad have prepared herbal and chemical-free Gulal in advance for Holi. In addition, women are professionally packaging and marketing these gulals under the brand Palash. JSLPS is providing chemical-free natural gulal to the people through the efforts of rural women of Sushit Sakhi mandals.

The sisters of Sakhi Mandal of Hazaribagh, Dhanbad and Giridih are mainly associated in the making of herbal gulal. According to the sisters of Sakhi Mandal, this gulal is beneficial for the skin as no harmful or artificial material of any kind is used in its making. So this Holi, you can keep the skin safe by using gulal made by the Didis of Sakhi Mandal.

The sisters of Sakhi Mandal are preparing natural herbal gulal through forest produce and ingredients and flowers. The naturally prepared Palash Gulal is liked very much by the people. Palash herbal gulal can be purchased from Palash Mart located in all the districts of the state.

Flowers, fruits and leaves are being used by the sisters of Sakhi Mandal of different districts to make herbal gulal. Green Palak leaf for green colour, roses for pink, palash and marigold flowers for yellow and saffron colour, beet for red colour, and sandalwood for other colours. Colors of other types of flowers and leaves can also be used naturally as no chemical is used in the manufacture of Palash Gulal.

The sisters of Sakhi Mandal are making natural gulal by mixing fruits, flowers, leaves, forest produce and food ingredients. The Organic Herbal Gulal, prepared by the sisters of Sakhi Mandal, is sent for sale at various Palash Marts in attractive packaging. Pushpa Kushwaha of Darudih village of Daru block, who is a member of Puja Mahila group, says that she had started manufacturing natural gulal since last year, which was in great demand.

This year we are manufacturing organic gulal in four colours, yellow, pink, green and red. The gulal is available for sale through Palash Mart and general Sale Counters. She proudly mentioned that we are making only herbal gulal without any chemicals. I hope that in this season we will earn more than Rs. 25 thousand. Baljeet Kaur, associated with the production of herbal gulal in Govindpur, Dhanbad, says that till now we have together produced about one and a half quintals of Herbal Gulal. I have earned about 10 thousand in a week.

According to the sisters of Sakhi Mandal, who are engaged in preparing Gulal, it is completely made of natural and nourishing ingredients. It is beneficial for the face. It is not harmful and no artificial material of any kind has been used in this. If one uses this gulal in Holi, then it is completely safe and natural. Palash brand natural gulal is available for sale in Ranchi for just Rs.30 at Palash Mart, Hehal, Palash special Holi counter – Project Building,FFP building and at Piska chowk counter.

The manufacturing of herbal gulal under the brand Palash ensures an increase in the income of the didis and encourages entrepreneurship. Herbal Gulal is in great demand during the festival of Holi. People are liking the herbal gulal made by the sisters of Sakhi Mandal under the brand Palash. With this initiative, the didis are getting extra income during the festival. Rural women are becoming self-reliant and creating new success stories by joining the brand Palash said CEO JSLPS Suraj Kumar.

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